Change Leadership

Leading through change is a particular skill and this coaching package is designed to support a manager when they have to lead a significant change in their organisation.

Really this should be called a coach/mentor programme as it does include some content. If someone is new to leading major change, there are certain key concepts, without which a manager will struggle be effective.

The programme is customised to the experience of the client and the nature of the change challenge, but draws from a bank of available content that we have found valuable over the years of helping our clients lead change initiatives. We are talking about leading change are, not managing a change process so this is not a course in becoming a change manager. His is a programme that enables an individual to enhance their leadership such that the change is made real.

A simple example of the sort of thing we do on this programme is to work with the client on how they communicate their change in an inspiring and meaningful way that touches every part of their organisation. Is often people get hung up on the mechanics and forget about working with meaning and narrative, and doing this in a truly authentic way.

Interested? Then please do get in contact to talk about our change situation.

Team coaching isn’t for the faint hearted leader, but our process truly transforms the performance of a team. It also enables the team’s leader to capably coach their team moving forward.