Coaching Culture

Companies with coaching cultures perform better than others but how do we instil a coaching culture? One thing that I’ve learned is that you don’t get a coaching culture by training managers in coaching skills. I feel guilty now for taking money for running ‘Coaching for Managers’ workshops early this century, in the real belief that I was helping organisations build coaching cultures. I was wrong, because coaching isn’t a skill… it’s an attitude (that is only helped by some skills). 

If you teach skills without changing fundamental beliefs and attitudes, then when managers get back to their workplaces they default to their old patterns of behaviour and rarely change. Of course there are exceptions but in my experience, and in the experience of many others, training coaching skills is a waste of your resources. Without a set of values being publicly demonstrated by senior members of the team, a change in culture doesn’t come.

We work with the senior members of the particular leadership team. We don’t teach skills but get them to do real work that is of value to the organisation, and in the process they learn a coaching attitude – because they get results along the way! It not only instills coaching as part of a collaborative culture, but it helps solve real challenges along the way. We only supplement the real work of developing coaching attitude with coaching skills when and if they add more value.

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