Coaching at its heart is about unleashing the potential that individuals and teams have. It’s a process by which the coach acts as a catalyst for clients so that they can be better than they already are – to perform at a higher level whatever that may mean. Every single coaching engagement is different so it’s really important to speak with prospective coaches because the right chemistry has to there. The site is here so you can find out about more about Courageous Development ahead of an exploratory conversation. I hope we can speak about making progress on whatever challenges you may have.
Leadership Coaching
Great executive coaching is transformational. It enables fundamental change, not only for the coachee but for the people they lead and the organisations and stakeholders they serve.

After coaching clients report many benefits including increased resilience and confidence; better work/life balance; increased self-awareness and better emotional self-control; career progress (be that promotion or more responsibility); improved prioritisation and time management, and significantly improved working relationships.

Leadership Team Coaching
The time of the hero leader is over. A single leader can’t deliver on the demands of today’s volatile, complex and uncertain world. Only dynamic and effective leadership teams can navigate a path to success.

Competent team coaching is one of the three enablers identified as critical to senior leadership team effectiveness in Wageman et al’s landmark study of over 120 senior leadership teams.

Team coaching isn’t for the faint hearted leader, but our process truly transforms the performance of a team. It also enables the team’s leader to capably coach their team moving forward.