Measuring Team Performance
360° feedback, done well, delivers great benefits to the individual and the organisation but assessment and 360° feedback for leadership teams is much less common. Just as 360° feedback helps develop the emotional intelligence of the individual leader it does so for teams too.

At Courageous Development we use the Team Assessment Survey (TAS II) and we do so for several reasons.

  • The pedigree of its developers, Robert Hogan and Gordon Curphy.How the survey links in with a practical developmental model in the form of ‘The Rocket Model’ with a supporting text.
  • That the team’s results are benchmarked against a database of well over 1,000 teams.
  • Lastly is that the data from the leader of the team is called out separately from the rest of the team. It’s critical that we can take a courageous approach and fully explore the differences of viewpoints and opinion between the leader and the rest of the team.

See some example output from one of the survey sections here.

The survey is based on a model explained in the book The Rocket Model, designed to meet the need for a practical and well-researched model for team building. The Rocket Model provides leaders with sound practical advice on how to improve group and team dynamics