Presentation/Speaker Coaching
Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess
— Richard Branson

“Inspires and motivates others” * – This is judged to be the number one skill leaders need to succeed. In a study where more than 330,000 bosses, peers, and subordinates were asked to rank the top four competencies leaders need to succeed from a list of 16 key leadership skills.

You can see the top 10 here and it’s easy to see how coaching impacts every single one except number seven – ‘Displays technical or professional expertise’*

Great leaders stand out by creating a vision of the future that is vivid and compelling – a vision that motivates employees to act and stakeholders to be positively engaged. How we speak, how we communicate and the presence with which we do it is part of our executive brand.

Public speaking is only part of the work I do in communication and it’s particularly critical skill for senior leaders. What I have learned is that there is a line that great speakers step over. It’s a line between delivering a presentation and giving a performance. This requires a different way of thinking and being.

There are two key areas to work on, the content and the performance. Before this some people need to work on their confidence as they may have a fear of speaking to larger audiences. This isn’t surprising as public speaking ranks higher than death as a fear in both the US and the UK.

We review the goals of the communication, how best to put the key messages across in the most engaging manner. We then rehearse and I am able to give guidance as to what needs changing. This is different than other coaching areas as by necessity, I have to be judgemental. This is something all good coaches strive to avoid but is an absolute necessity in this area.

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* Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, 2014