Courageous Development is a business that is about bringing purpose and meaning to leadership. The core values that inform decisions here are Transformation, Sustainability and Results.

Our work should be transformative in nature. That means change is something more than incremental. Feedback sounds like “She could never have achieved that before the coaching” or “It’s like a different team. There’s a whole new atmosphere here.”

Our work should be sustainable in three ways.
1. How it’s delivered should be carbon neutral
2. Results should last and not be transient in nature, and
3. Ideally, the work should in some way support a transition to a carbon neutral economy.

Our work should deliver measurable results. Obvious results make it easier for people, especially this in HR, to justify more coaching. The more coaching that’s going on in an organisation, then the more transformative that organisation will be.

On sustainability

This is not a business that encourages flying and any international work is carried out via phone or Zoom. On the very rare occasions flights are necessary, e.g. for a team coaching engagement that must be face to face, then flights are carbon offset through Car travel is also carbon offset.

Pro Bono and reduced rate offers:
Firstly, if availability allows then charitable organisations that are working to increase biodiversity can request time for pro bono work.
Secondly, a 50% off reduced rate fee structure is available for organisations working towards a zero carbon economy in the energy and transport sectors. Eligible companies would include the likes of Ecotricity for energy, or in transport, LEVC (electric taxis etc) and gnewt (electric only couriers).